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As the sign says, welcome back class of 1976!  This site is dedicated to the alumni of Tosa East keeping our classmates informed of upcoming reunions, a place to share photos, stories, and contact information. Find out more about this site.
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Welcome to the Tosa East '76 Reunion site! Check here for the  latest announcements about upcoming reunions, new pictures, and stories from our fellow classmates.
-Gene Hanson, Webmaster

New Photos. Check out the new images in our Photo Galleries. We have some from our dances (prom, homecoming, and turnabout), student photos, and photos around Tosa during our school years. 

Thank you everyone! Our 40th reunion celebration was a great success and now a fond memory. Thanks to all the organizers and the attendees. You can't have a successful reunion without both! See our 40th Reunion Photo Page for images and other information.

40th Reunion Booklet. We've sent out the final version of the booklet prepared from the 186 responses received from our questionnaire. The booklet was sent out to our email list of classmates. Thank you all who participated. 


The 40th reunion booklet is complete! The booklet contains 240 pages of current info from our classmates. Our sincere thanks to the 186 classmates that participated by filling out a questionnaire. The booklet is not available from the website. In order to receive one, you must register as a classmate with an email address. Contact us for information on how to register.

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Pictures/stories from past reunions

40th Reunion
30th Reunion
30th Reunion Tour
25th Reunion
20th Reunion
5th Reunion


Yearbooks Scans of Yearbooks & Class Pictures

Senior Year
Junior Year
Sophomore Year
Longfellow 9th
Longfellow 8th
Longfellow 7th
Hawthorne 9th
Hawthorne 8th
Hawthorne 7th
Grade Schools

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Info on unofficial reunions

Upcoming Unofficial Reunions
2013 Summerfest Reunion
2015 Summerfest Reunion

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