40th Reunion Tosa East Tour

On the morning of September 10, 2016, we were treated to a tour of the "scene of the crime," Wauwatosa East High School. 34 of our classmates attended this event.


Attendees seen in the pictures

Sue Baumann
Mark Borkowski
Jamie Bowden
Mike Day
Patrick Downey
Paul Eisenhauer
Tim Finley
Abigail Forbes
Michael Frayer
Gene Hanson
Linda Hasselberger
Debra Hetzel
David Johnson
Rosi Kijak
John Kluth
Sandy Lebesch
Susan Nicholas
Frank Powell
Janet Reiners
John Rogge
Mike Rose
Penny Ross
Carol Ruck
Barb Schroeder
Brian Scott
Dick Smith
Mark Sommerfeld
Ann Wagner
Matthew Wagner
Tim Wayer
John Wilkinson
Paul Zehren