Summerfest 2015

Our third unofficial reunion was on June 28, 2015. Attendees included Mary Galko, Joyce Isenberg and Peter Lydon (they're married), Dick Smith, Mike Rose, Mary Fox, George Kariorus, Teri Adlam, Gene Hanson, and Debbie Hetzel.

If you're wondering, we did organize ones for 2014 & 2016, but they were poorly attended.

Event Pictures

Dick Smith & Debbie Hetzel

Mike Rose

Debbie, Mary Fox, & Joyce Isenberg
Dick & Joyce
Peter Lydon
Mary, Peter, & Dick
Debbie get tatoo
Birthday "cake" for Mary Fox
Mary Galko & Debbie
Mary & Debbie
Joyce, Mary, & Debbie
Mary Fox, Debbie, Joyce, Mary Galko
George Kariorus & Debbie
Debbie, Teri Adlam, & George
Gene Hanson, Debbie, Teri, & George
Debbie, Joyce, Peter, George, & Teri
George & Peter
"What did you call my mother?" ;)