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Photo Galleries

This is a continuous work in process. We have a great collection of photos (over 1500) courtesy of Dave Bugni who was one of the Cardinal Pennant staff photographers. Though many of these made it to the yearbook, the vast majority did not. And even if they did, Dave has rescanned them and they are here in much higher quality.

We have a fairly decent collection of tickets, programs, etc. that we've scanned and now posted under memorabilia. We also have a very small collection of photos taken by our fellow classmates and parents during our time in school. We would like to get many more of these! Over time we will post what we get.

Notice: All images and materials on this website are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. More info here.

School - 1975-76

Pictures taken during the 75-76 school year. Almost all photos are from Cardinal Pennant photographer Dave Bugni.

School - 1976-77

Pictures taken during the 76-77 school year. All photos courtesy of Dave Bugni.

School - 1977-78

Pictures taken during the 77-78 school year. All photos courtesy of Dave Bugni.


Our collection of scans of stuff other than photos. This includes programs, tickets, school folders, ID's, etc.

School Dances - Photos from Prom, Homecoming, and Turnabout.




Student Pictures During School

Pictures taken by our fellow students or parents during our days at school from grade school until graduation.

Graduation Party

Some pictures of our graduation party in the Highlands.

Cardinal News

5 complete issues of our school newspaper, the Cardinal News.

School Building Pictures

Our collection of photos of our schools through the years, including Longfellow and Hawthorne.

Tosa Memories

A collection of photos around Wauwatosa and items that bring back memories of our years in Tosa.