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25th Reunion

The 25th Reunion took place on September 8, 2001 (Saturday night) at the Hyatt Downtown Milwaukee from 6:30PM - Midnight. On Friday evening there was an informal gathering at Tosa Fest.

The reunion was a joint one with Tosa West and they employed Taylor Reunions to manage the event. Our thanks to Patti Nordin for coordinating this reunion.

Group picture from the event. Click here or on the picture for a full sized view.

Click here to see the photo key for name identifications.


As part of the reunion, a questionnaire was sent out with basic information that was compiled into a booklet that attendees received the night of the reunion. We have no plans to scan the booklet because it contains too much private information. However, we have captured some of questionnaire responses from our classmates that responded. Shown below.


Event Photos

25th Reunion Photos Page 1

Photos shared by Mary Kay Luedke, Anne Feirstein, and Gene Hanson.

25th Reunion Photos Page 2

Photos shared by Janis Gaulke.


Messages and Memories

As part of the 25th signup, there was a place where you could share any memories. Here are the responses as published in the event booklet.

Crush on Mr. Swenson; surveillance on Miss Johnson's house. - Liz Bischoff

Dede - we should have gone together to homecoming 1975! - Mark Borkowski

Nancy, Katie, and Anne, thank you for your friendship, support, and guidance. - Katherine Crowley

I also have fond memories of those warm spring days when many of use enjoyed our favorite sport of frisbee on the church lawn. How lucky we were to have that great place to hang out. - Elizabeth Duchelle

Thanks for all the fun and laughter I had with all. Still looking for a good women (.10), nickname was Dough Boy, now its (Ike). - Paul Eisenhauer

Are you kidding? - Anne Feierstein

The great date with Sue Webb & walking home with her after school. - Bob Foley

My painting of "The Tower" hung in the Learning Center for about 10 years after graduation, given me a weird time-warp feeling when I went back to East to vote, like seeing an old friend. - Cheryl Gilleski

Good things come in small packages! - Judy Grimm

The first day I moved to Wauwatosa to my Dad's houses we grew-up in.He graduated from Wauwatosa 1948. I did not know a single person and eating by myself on the floor, next to the hall lockers. - Travis Hackworthy

I must have really enjoyed East because I can't think of a classmate that I wouldn't want to meet up with again. - Gene Hanson

Jim Rauterberg. - Ronald Hayek

Remember Mrs. Cannon's homeroom in the "Tower"? We went from silent study halls, passing notes, to open campus and hot fudge sundaes and "Happy Days" in the commons! - Debra Hetzel

Hello, I hope everyone is happy and enjoying life. If not, then I hope soon you will have happiness and joy back in your life. - Mary Hillstrom

Band trips to the Macy's Day Parade and to Walt Disney World, starting ahead of Joe Zuba at quarterback my junior year. - John Jackson

Murphard Ike and I still hang out, where are the rest of you guys? - Jon Levenhagen

To my dear pals Louise Flick, Judith Grimm, and Mary Mirenda. You gals look great with all that plastic surgery, tummy tucks and implants. - Mary Kay Luedke

I had great time at Tosa East! I really enjoyed all the friends I knew and hung out with. It was neat time of my life. I wouldn't have missed it for anything else. - Harry Profio

The memory I have of high school is that it was really fun, especially because of my Tosa East Band friends. I wish I would have gotten to know all my classmates better! - Kathy Reinke

I am so pleased that Sandy Ellis and I have stayed friends, and that we have had some fun family visits in Wisconsin and California. I would like to know what became of Matt Vanderwahl and his parents. - Chris Rinzel

To those you didn't get to know me - you missed out! Ask the people who do know me. God Bless you. - Jaye Satre

The good old days buying cases of Old Milwaukee long necks for $2.81 a case and drinking them in Smitty's basement! - Scott Schilling

Life is grand. I have a beautiful twenty-three year old baby girl. I'm back to doing what I love, fishing, it's a paid vacation. - Mark Sommerfeld

Live each day with an eternal perspective and give all glory to God. - Tom Taylor

Wish we could be there with everyone, maybe the next one will be in the summer when it doesn't conflict with school starting. - Ann Wagner

1) Don't ever quit. 2) Don't mess with Texas. - Matthew Wagner

New address as of 10/1/01: 794 St. Michael Street, Mt. Calvary, WI 53057. - Wally Walentoski

Being eighteen my whole senior year and going to Pep's for lunch. - Tony Weber

Wish I could be there, but due to geographical location I now live in, it is impossible to make it. Best of everything to all. - Barbara Weishaar

The memories of those friendships and all the great we shared will never be forgotten! - Janice Zempel

Good friends, good times. - Joe Zuba


The list of attendees is not even close to being official. It is strictly relying on the memory of your webmaster and the people he can identify in the pictures. Currently, 81 classmates have been identified. If you attended the 25th and don't see your name listed, drop a note to Gene Hanson so he can update the list.

Gerry Abshire
Barb Aspinwall
Sue Baumann
Holly Beyer
Mark Borkowski
Tom Boyle
Lee Braem
Dave Carlson
Lisa Carlson
Parry Cartier
Jean Crabtree
Kathy Crowley
Mike Day
Paul Eisenhauer
Anne Feirstein
Tim Finley
Louise Flick
Abby Forbes
Mary Fox
Sue Gagen
Janis Gaulke
Annette Gehm
Cheryl Gilleski
Judy Grimm
Robert Gutekunst
Gene Hanson
Debbie Hetzel
Dawn Hohlfeld
Pat Hunt
George Karioris
Eileen Keyes
Rosi Kijak
Sharon Kilmer
Jim Konkel
Sue Kwak
Nan Larson
Sandy Lebesch
Rob Lennon
Jon Levenhagen
Mary Lindl
Mary Kay Luedke
Katie Merkt
Mindy Miller
Mary Mirenda
Terry Monfre
Bill Nawrocki
Sue Nicholas
Dennis Noonan
Patty Nordin
Patty O'Connor
Kim Peterson
Scott Peterson
Mary Possi
Harry Profio
Mark Rasmussen
Bob Rech
Kathy Reinke
Mary Beth Rise
Jerry Roche
John Rogge
Tony Rondinelli
Mike Rose
Libby Ryder
Brian Schaff
Barb Schroeder
Paul Seitz
Sue Sievert
Liz Squire
Judy Stockinger
Tom Taylor
Mary Tousignant
Bob Vaughn
Kelly Vetter
Roger Voltz
Matthew Wagner
John Wilkinson
Tom Witte
Mary Wittenberg
Jill Yentz
Janice Zempel
Joe Zuba